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Mailing and Fulfillment

While some individuals might be overwhelmed with the volume of mail in their digital inbox, people still like to get printed mail to touch, hold and review when they want. With the cost of mailing at an all-time-high, as well as the complicated technology to update list and secure postal discounts, it can be difficult to keep up. ADC Direct knows what’s required so you don’t have to. This means we can process first class, standard and nonprofit mailings in accordance with USPS, capitalizing on maximum postage discounts and more accurate delivery options.

Processing includes laser personalizing, collating, stuffing, sorting, coding, folding, sealing, metering and bundling. For a personal touch let us provide handwritten addresses and individualized handwritten notes. We can also store and track inventory of printed materials or promotional items.

“…we find that ADC has that teamwork attitude in all that they do”

—Richmond Sports Backers